Christmas and making new traditions.

 It has been forever and a day but I am back. Better than ever I must add. Since I became a mother, I’ve gotten a new outlook in life. A hope for the future, a drive to be better and to do better but most of all a need to share some love and light in the world. So in here will be my little corner to inspire and share some positivity. I hope this can be a place for you to come and feel good and that you’ll leave feeling inspired and motivated to be all that you can be.

So over to the headline.

This year is my first Christmas with my baby boy and I must admit it brings a lot of new feelings. The good ones. Christmas has always been about family and I love that my mom always made sure we all had a wonderful time together. Good food, feel good movies, love and laughter. So this year we are celebrating Christmas at our place. I am going to attempt to make Christmas dinner and desserts. I’ll try my best to make it a wonderful time for the family. Nothing compares to Christmas from childhood but I’ll do my best to create new traditions and that good feeling you only get when you are surrounded by the people who matter the most over a great meal.

I haven’t gone all out when it comes to Christmas decorations in our home this year. Just subtle hints here and there. It feels right and just enough to feel that warm fuzzy feeling.

Anyways. Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you’ll continue reading it. I’ll try my best to give you great content. Until next time, take care and happy weekend!


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Hello, beautiful people! Hope everyone is having a great weekend:-) We are still playing the waiting game with our little prince! He has decided that he’s more comfortable inside mommy’s tummy. I don’t mind but my body is getting a little bit tired, as you can imagine!

Anyways, while we are waiting, we have been so lucky to become brand ambassador for Twistshake. and look what we got in the mail! It is an all in one 260ml bottle for our little prince. It has a container cap, cap, silicone teat, mixer and container. It is also Anti- colic and BPA-free. 

Twistshake is a Swedish brand which has had success in over 60 countries world-wide. They aspires to develop products that are simple and safe to use for babies and toddlers. No wonder they have won a lot of awards for being innovative and safe! The wellbeing of your baby is always their focal point.

So when they said I could also share not one but two personal discount code to my readers and followers, I was so happy! So in collaboration with TwistshakeTwistshakebaby I get to give you guys 40% discount on the entire neon assortment using monalisasno40. The neon collection will soon be replaced by the new pastel collection so go get yours before they go! You also get a 20% discount on the pastel collection and the rest of the assortment using the code monalisasno20. How great is that? It always makes me happy to get to share stuff with you, loves! So go and check out their website and get your discount today! 

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