Hello, sunshines ♡ Two blog posts in a two-day period? Must be something in the water! I wanted to show you guys my new skincare products from forever living. It doesn’t matter if you are 13 or going on 60 a healthy skin is something we all want! As a model I have literally tried everything under the sun! Some of the things has been good to my skin other has been quite damaging. So before I even try something I do my research!


After hearing positive reviews across the board about forever, I finally order my skincare products! My skin needed something natural without all that chemical in it and what is more natural than aloe vera? I am so dedicated to have a healthy, glowing skin after a couple of years in Florida where I kinda neglected it a little bit (shame on me!) Anyways! My two favorite products right now is the forever aloe scrub and aloe nourishing serum with white tea! They just leave my skin so smooth and flawless!

I can’t wait to see more results as time passes! I will surly keep you guys updated and if you have any question please don’t hesitate to ask! Wishing you all a lovely Monday and please do kick some ass! Write that email, apply for that job, make that phone call! Let’s make this week count! Have a blessed day!



A new chapter in my life!

Hello, sunshine’s ♡ I hope you all have had a smooth transitioning from summer to fall. To be quite honest this is probably my favorite season. A few things has changed since the last time you and I spoke. I went back to school and I also became an forever business owner! If you had asked me what I wanted to do six months ago I honestly couldn’t tell you.

So I did some soul-searching on what I wanted from life as I was moving forward and the summer was coming to an end. I sat down and began to write and instead of writing who I wanted to become and tying it to accomplishments, I wrote how I wanted to feel.

So what did I want to feel? I wanted to feel growth, health, vibrancy and I also wanted to feel that I made somebody’s life a little better. So when the window of opportunity opened up to go back to school and work with forever I jumped inn. It was all there! Growth, health and a chance to contribute positively to people’s life. It’s amazing how things fall into place as soon as you are willing to listen to yourself. Well, I am pretty exited and ready to challenge myself to better grades, better health and just helping people become the best version of themselves! Have a blessed Sunday and an awesome start on the new week ahead!