As I’m diving head first in to the entrepreneur world I have definitely noticed that the road less traveled can be a scary place but also a liberating one, so many thoughts and doubts. What if I fall but then again what if I fly? We all have such great potential to reach our goals. Faster than we think and do it better than we thought. So what is stopping us? I can only speak for myself but over the years I have grown to be fearful. Not so much fear of success more the fear of failure. It is “safer” to be mediocre in something we already know then venturing out and being great in something we don’t know nothing about. We choose the easy route, the comfortable route and hey there is nothing wrong with that, as long as you are happy. I was not. I knew I wanted something more. To be more and that is something we usually never say out loud. You know, the fear of looking like you’re full of yourself. 

I’ve decided to live my life unapologetic. Some people will get it, some people will not and that is okay. The people who needs my testimony will find me and the rest will watch me;-) So what I wanted to say to you is this. Be yourself, be fearless. There is never going to be another person like you. With your gifts and talents. Don’t apologies for being you, be unapologetic. That means you do not need to justify who you are to anybody. That means your dreams, your relationships, your mistakes and your future. Don’t compromise who you are, who you’ve become and who you are becoming. The people who loves you and support you will show up and the rest will watch you, so don’t make any decision based upon what people might think or who might be watching. You are serving nobody by playing small, you are not growing by playing small and you are definitely not helping anybody by playing small. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend and let’s be fearless, shall we!

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Hello, darlings ♥ So today I signed the contract to my new place! I’m so exited and it feels so good when things are finally falling into place. Now let’s see what I can do about those exams, haha. 

Btw am I the only one who feel that it is hard to start over in mid-week? Like today I told myself that I am going to start eating healthy again and go to the gym. Then there was this little voice saying “but it is Thursday already and the weekend is around the corner, why not just wait until Monday”? That voice is so annoying. Like no, I want to start today, haha. Anyways, I am just going to study for the rest of the night, next oral exam is natural science. Lord help me. Well wishing you all a wonderful evening and thank you for stopping by! Hopefully I have more to blog about once I’m done with school. 



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Hello, darlings ♥ You know the feeling of having a great workout session, feeling good about yourself, only to go home and ruin it by stuffing your face? Yes, that is me right now. Just finished my third one. I would love to say I regret nothing but right now I kinda do, haha. I am not the girl who loves candy nor do I eat ice cream often but give me some danish pastry or cake and I’m the happiest girl ever. What is your guilty pleasure when it comes to food?



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Hello, darlings ♥ I do hope the new week has been kind to you thus far? I am making my way through these exams and have “only” four more left, after that Christmas is here! Okay, now wait. Let me rewind a little bit. Before the festivities of the holidays begins, Kristian is finally coming home and we are moving to into our new home! Can’t wait to show you guys.

What I am looking forward to is decorating the place. I have so many different ideas and I do love interior design so why not share it with you guys? So yeah, lately I have been obsessing over everything copper. I don’t know why but it looks so pretty, elegant yet a little bit edgy. I have made a little collage of inspiration under here. Can you see why I am obsessed? Isn’t it pretty?That bathtub though! A bit over the top but so pretty to look at, right? What kind of decor do you like? coppercollage


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